Grade 3-12 summer camp form testing. Can make as many forms as needed each would have their own URL

Grade 3-12 Camps Summer 2020
Disclaimer: I understand the Magic City Football Camp director and staff will not be held responsible for injuries or loss of property while the above named student is attending the camp. I do hereby release Minot High School, coaches and staff from liability, including claims and suits in law or equity for any injury, fatal or otherwise. The signature below absolves the Magic City Football Camp of all responsibility for loss of personal property. Furthermore, I realize the risk involved to the student. I will pay, or cover through my insurance, any medical expense, the doctor bills or other expenses, which could be incurred as a result of treatment given the above named student for illness or injury while attending a Magic City Football Camp. I hereby authorize the staff of the Magic City Football Camp to act for me according to their best judgment in any emergency requiring medical attention. *